Pork roast stuffed with Sage and Cherry Peppers

Just the other day I had my whole family over for dinner (almost). I thought I’d serve them a new twist on a typical Danish pork roast. As summer is approaching fast, I opted for an Italian inspired roast, stuffed with Sage and hot cherry peppers. I served it with creamy polenta and a homemade stock based reduction sauce.


  • loin of pork
  • Mustard
  • Sage
  • Hot Cherry Peppers (marinated in vinegar)
  • Salt&Pepper
  • String

Start by scoring the skin of the pork (not including the skin) in ½ – 1 cm intervals. Create a cavity for the stuffing by cutting the meat lengthwise as depicted above. Bruch a thin layer of mustard into the cavity, season with salt & pepper. Lay down a layer of sage leaves and a row of the cherry peppers. Close the cavity and tie the roast together with a string.  Season the outside of the roast with salt & pepper. Place the roast, skin side up into the oven and roast until the core temperature is about 75 degrees C. Finish on grill to create the perfect crackling.